I lied. And I apologize.
It's been a month and a half and the site is still not up.
But we are definitely going to do it.
And technically, the site is up since we did upload some stuff to geocities.

But we're not going to release the address until it's done.
The lineup is the same from last time, except Missy has agreed to write about political issues and the like.
We're planning to accept only a small number of people (there are 5 of us right now, if Somogyi decides what he wants to do).
But we might take whatever contributions anyone feels they can make to the site.

Which include:

opinions alongside missy's articles
music (we're a little picky on that subject)

And more art fucking, if you know what I mean.

We work like a literary magazine.
If we reject you, don't hate.
We do whatever we want.

Despite the delay, I've decided to post the October special: A Donnie Darko Month.
And also the November special: The Modern Romance video.

That's it for now.
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Clean Slate

Yeah. Don't be pissed that I erased all of our entries.
This community was becoming completely neglected and useless anyway.
So I'm turning this into the message board for Murder At The Convenience Store.

Remember "Screw Dumbass" from 8th grade?
Well. That sucked ass.
And although I, in no way want to ever have any relations to that again, this may be seen as Screw Dumbass Version 02.
Except it's better, more colorful (i mean colorful metaphorically--the site's in this Twilight Zone black and white theme), more...stuff (short horror stories, November's Straight Jacket), and definitely a thousand times more intelligent.
And IT'S online.

Yeah. We're going to be a geocities whore. Or something along those lines.

Devon, our html/web design genius, and I are recruiting friends who have some expertise in the "necessary" arts, which include...

Jamie Price--Photography
Missy McNerney--um...damn i forgot to ask what she was going to do. help me write the stories then.

And maybe Somogyi, for being Devon's boyfriend.

Not exactly sure when the site will be up, but it'll be up within the time span of a month.
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