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The Misplaced Tiles

Whatever happened Here?

Murder At The Convenience Store
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"M is for Convenience Store."
21 dead monkeys, 504 plan, a clockwork orange, a northern chorus, a static lullaby, acceptance, adema, adult swim, aiden, alexz johnson, alkaline trio, amber pacific, ambry, anberlin, andrews, angel city outcasts, anti-flag, armor for sleep, atticus, bad religion, billy talent, blur, bob dylan, bottom line, boys night out, brand new, bright eyes, burn season, catch-22, charlie kaufman, circa survive, clair de lune, coldplay, copeland, count the stars, day at the fair, death by stereo, donnie darko, drive-thru records, elefant, emanuel, epitaph, fight club, finch, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, funeral for a friend, gatsby american dream, graham greene, guttermouth, halifax, hawthorne heights, house of heros, houston calls, independent films, interpol, jimi hendrix, john lennon, joy division, kane hodder, last tuesday resolve, less than jake, louis xiv, mae, matchbook romance, matthew, me without you, millincolin, mindless self indulgence, miyazaki films, morning glory, motion city soundtrack, mustard plug, my chemical romance, naked lunch, nofx, norma jean, nothing nice to say, oasis, on broken wings, open hand, operation ivy, panic!at the disco..., phantom planet, pink floyd, pixies, quentin tarantino, questionable content, rancid, rise against, rock kills kid, rooney, rufio, self agianst city, sherwood, speedwell, spital field, spoon, star flyer 59, suicide machines, sunday drive, superfly tnt, supergrass, taking back sunday, tears for fears, ten count fall, the academy is, the beatles, the black maria, the blue season, the cars, the clash, the dandy warhols, the doors, the epoxies, the exploding hearts, the juliana theory, the kings of leon, the matches, the mighty mighty bosstones, the pettite project, the planet smashers, the ramones, the raveonettes, the rocket summer, the sex pistols, the shins, the skandal, the starting line, the stills, the strokes, the unseen, the used, the von bondies, thrice, thursday, tim burton, toxic shock syndrome, umbrellas, underoath, vans warped tour, wakefield, waking ashland, yeah yeah yeahs